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Violetta's Orange Battle Cake

In the early 1100s, an evil duke named Guido III ruled the small Italian town of Ivrea. Now Guido was your typical cruel ruler; mean to his servants, demanding taxes so high that his townspeople were on the brink of starvation, and handing out harsh punishments to anyone who dared to disagree with him. But one night, Guido took his cruelty one step too far. On a snowy winter's evening, Violetta, the miller’s daughter had just sat down to her wedding feast. Beautiful, brave, and spirited, Violetta was beloved by the whole town. And as such her wedding to the...

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biscotti - Libellula

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biscotti

Extra virgin olive oil biscotti originated from the areas in Italy where butter was less available. Before refrigeration, the northern Alps of Italy (where herding communities lived) were some of the only regions that had access to fresh butter. For the rest of Italy, the staple kitchen ingredient of olive oil created an equally delicious, yet lighter and crispier, biscuit.  The Classico works wonderfully in this recipe. Its subtle floral notes and undertones of apple and artichoke enhance the biscuit without overpowering it, allowing for the biscotti’s sweet flavor to prevail.  We recommend dipping your biscotti in a cup of...

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