2022 - 2023 Sustainability Goals

Libellula is a story made up of farmers, artisans and ancient traditions of people who choose to participate in sustainable and regenerative agriculture. When you Adopt an Olive Grove, you not only become a part owner in an olive grove, but you also contribute to Libellula's 2022-2023 Sustainability Goals.


Libellula's 2022-2023 Sustainability Goals



These three sustainability goals reflect our desire to bring new life to Sabina's olive groves, restore neglected groves, and bring regenerative agriculture to farmers who have not yet been able to operate in a sustainable manner.

The accomplishment of these goals will in turn create significant rejuvenation of land in the Sabina region. Each individual who adopts an olive grove will be directly supporting one of Libelulla's Sustainability Goals:

1. Adoption of the Giardinetto Grove supports the planting of 60 new olive trees.
2. Adoption of the San Lorenzo Grove supports the restoration of 250 abandoned olive trees.
3. Adoption of the La Tenuta Grove supports the conversion of 70 local olive trees to organic production.


Those who adopt will receive monthly report on the progress of our Sustainability Goals that will also include updates on the life cycle of the trees (pruning, fertilizing, harvesting, plowing, etc.), events in the village of Montelibretti, a social report, and new collaborations.

Together we want to build networks and synergies with other players in the area, leading Libellula to become a network that cuts across geographical and cultural boundaries.

Olive trees are part of the solution to climate change. Francesco Serafini, the head of the Environment R&D department of the International Olive Oil Council, gave a speech about the role of olive trees as a sustainable lever to mitigate climate change. “If the proper agricultural practices are applied, in a mature semi-intensive olive orchard with average crop yields, an olive tree can fix 10t CO2e/ha/year.”

The planting of new olive groves and restoration of abandoned groves will continue to be a useful tool to combat global climate change.