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  • Adopt An Olive Grove
  • Adopt An Olive Grove
  • Adopt An Olive Grove
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Adopt An Olive Grove


Subscribe & Adopt an Olive Grove

When you adopt an olive grove, you'll receive a regular subscription of Libellula's superior extra virgin olive oil. The grove you select to adopt contributes to a correlating sustainability goal, directly supporting the restoration of the land and trees of the Sabina region.  


Each Olive Grove Adoption delivery includes:

  • One 375 ml bottle of Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Autumn 2020 Harvest).
  • One 375 ml bottle of Riserva Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Autumn 2020 Harvest).
  • Free Delivery.

Your first order also includes: 

  • Adoption Certificate.
  • Golden spout for your bottles.
  • Booklet with unique Italian recipes featuring your new extra virgin olive oil.

With your adoption, you will receive regular newsletters with stories from the land, the town, and the region!

Modify or cancel your adoption subscription at any time. 


Classico Flavor Notes: Smooth, floral, with undertones of apple & artichoke. Your go-to olive oil for salads, fish, daily cooking & hors d'oeuvres.

Riserva Flavor Notes: bright, herbaceous, spicy, with undertones of walnut. Perfect for bruschetta, soups, and red meat. 

    • Mini Gift Box & Olive Oil Tasting
    • Mini Gift Box & Olive Oil Tasting
    On Sale

    Mini Gift Box & Olive Oil Tasting


    Enjoy our mini gift box along with an olive oil tasting guided by Johnny Madge, international olive oil taster and judge. 

    In just 50 minutes, you’ll learn how to properly taste olive oil and be able to identify an olive oil’s distinguishing characteristics!

    When you sign up for the Olive Oil Tasting Event you’ll receive:

    1. Attendance to the live, virtual Olive Oil Tasting.
    2. A mini gift box with two 50ml bottles of extra virgin olive oil.
      (one Riserva and one Classico with free shipping (U.S. Only).
    3. A tasting notecard to guide you through the event.

      Please note that your olive oil will be shipped to you the week before the event starts.

      The event will be held over Zoom on Saturday, January 15th.


      After the tasting Johnny and our co-founder Julia will answer any further questions you have about olive oil and how to find extra virgin olive oils that best suit your palette and cooking preferences.

      We are so excited to share with you the nuances behind creating an extra virgin olive oil that is both exceptional in flavor, and produced ethically and sustainably.

      We hope you join us at on January 15th for this special Olive Oil Tasting guided by Johnny Madge!

      Libellula's Olive Harvest