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After learning that the family farmers in their town in the hills outside of Rome...

were abandoning their olive groves, father-daughter duo Julia and Camillo decided to investigate. 

As small-scale family farmers, they had limited resources to combat their mounting agricultural challenges due to climate change. And all were turned away by large-scale distributors who didn’t consider them big enough to work with, making it difficult to find customers.

So they put their heads together

and soon realized that the farmers’ individual struggles could be solved by working together... and Libellula, our collective of Italian family farmers, was born!

By coming together as a collective, we are able to pool our knowledge and resources, helping each farmer share their exquisite extra virgin olive oil with those beyond just their small towns.

Most importantly, our farmers are able to keep their olive groves for many more generations to come.

An extra virgin olive oil 3-6 times higher in polyphenols and antioxidants. 

Because we use regenerative farming, Libellula is three to six times higher in polyphenols and antioxidants than typical extra virgin olive oil.

Our Classico olives are pressed in November, months earlier than the big distributors. This creates a high-polyphenol count of between 350 to 400 mg/kg with tasting notes that are floral, peppery, and with undertones of apple & artichoke.

The Riserva’s olives are harvested  even earlier, in the first half of October. The olives’ concentration of polyphenols and chlorophyll are at their height, between 500 and 600 mg/kg. But as the Riserva olives have not yet reached peak ripeness, we can only extract a small amount of antioxidant-rich olive oil. This is why we only have a limited release of Riserva each season.

Join the Libellula family as a Grove Adopter and enjoy extra virgin olive oil straight from our Italian family farmers. 

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