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1 Year Adoption
1 Year Adoption
1 Year Adoption

1 Year Adoption


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is unrefined and unaltered. We follow the age-old practices perfected during the Roman Empire, which excluded the use of heat and relies on simple pressure. This technique is known as cold-pressing, and results in an olive oil that contains less than 1% of oleic acid. We are warning you: after tasting our olive oil, you will become an olive oil snob.


This is what will be delivered to your doorstep following the adoption of your tree. Inside a wooden box emblazoned with the Libellula logo you will find your personalized ceramic bottle, your first olive oil delivery, a brochure with information on the region and the grove, your adoption certificate, a stopper and a funnel.

1 year Membership: 

3 Adoption Packages (3 shipments)
1st (1.125 ML) - 2nd (1.125 ML) - 3rd (1.125 ML)
TOT: 3.375 L

Libellula Adoption Package:

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4x375ml)
Adoption Certificate
Chemical Analysis
Libellula Brochure

Shipping not included