Piazza Matteotti 5, 00010 Italy


Via dei Monti della Farnesina 77, 00135 Italy



Picnik Italian Style

A wicker basket, a tablecloth, an adventure, and lots of laughter. A unique experience immersed in the peaceful tranquility of our rolling countryside, tasting the characteristic products of Sabina Romana.

What you could do:

Wine Tasting A guided tour of the top local winemakers offers an insiders' view of the history of the best vineyards and the best vintages. The tour culminates at L'Osteria del Castello, where you can learn about and sample a wide range of selected wines, accompanied by local cheeses, jams, and honey in good company and under the stars.
Among the fruit trees Cherries, peaches, apricots, figs, prunes, pears, apples and more. Come and learn the importance of fruit in the Mediterranean diet, especially for the growth of your children. Together we will learn about the importance of the fruit supply chain, from the tree to the consumer's table. Are you ready for our afternoon snack? No more pre-packaged food, enjoy homemade bread, jam, and a rich salad!
Our vegetable garden Learning what to plant in a vegetable garden and how to tend to it for the best harvest is easier than you think! If you plan it right, you can enjoy a beautiful garden full of the fruits of your labor, without having to spend hours and hours of back-breaking work. The garden is an easy and inspiring way to introduce children to nature and to ecological sensitivity. Equally important is the acquired responsibility: the seed unfolds, grows and bears fruit only with three basic ingredients: patience, consistency, and perseverance.