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Our Story (Test)

It all began with Augustus...

Around 12 BC the first Roman emperor discovered a sleepy little farming community named Sabina that prided itself on their olive trees. 

Enchanted by the remarkable olive oil that they produced, Emperor Augustus began selling it as a delicacy throughout the ancient world. The oil was so fragrant and dripping with such exquisite flavor, that it quickly became known as the “Gold of Rome.”

Unfortunately after several centuries passed, the world forgot about Sabina. The little community faded into the background as cheaper, lower quality oils flooded the marketplace. 

Then in 2018 Julia and her father Camillo, both Italian natives, stumbled across Sabina.

They were struck by the superior quality and flavor of the region’s olive oil, just as Emperor Augustus had been so many centuries before. 

However they learned from Sabina’s present day small-scale farmers that they were unable individually to produce enough olive oil to obtain contracts with large companies. This left many families unable to afford the upkeep of their olive trees and their groves were falling into disrepair. 

By founding Libellula, father-daughter team Julia and Camillo provide small-scale farmers with a way to work collectively. Sabina’s farmers can now bring the “Gold of Rome” to people around the world.

Each bottle of Libellula extra virgin olive oil is made by farmers using traditional methods just as their families have for centuries.

Farmers work in harmony with nature by following weather patterns, plant cycles, and lunar phases. Olives are grown without the use of pesticides, are harvested by hand, and cold-pressed – preserving the flavor and integrity of the olive oil.

Along with our classic bottles of extra-virgin olive oil, we offer olive tree adoptions – creating a deep relationship between you, the farmers, and the land you’ve chosen to safeguard.

Julia and Camillo