Piazza Matteotti 5, 00010 Italy


Via dei Monti della Farnesina 77, 00135 Italy


Meet the Team

Camillo Franchi Scarselli


Camillo is the founder and administrator of Atleticom, a marketing and sports communications team. After moving 20 miles outside Rome to a town called Montelibretti, he developed a strong bond with the local families. His passion for olive oil is long-standing, and he wishes to share it with the world.

Julia Franchi Scarselli


Julia was born and raised in Milan, Italy. Currently pursuing a BA in Environmental Science & Policy and Architecture at Smith College, she has a passion for sustainable agriculture and the development of an environmentally conscious urban fabric. She is always on the search for healthy and enriching foods, and wishes to share the benefits, both physical and intangible, of appreciating pure, quality olive oil.


Head of Marketing

Cristina was born in Rome and grew up amongst the olive and cherry trees of Sabina Romana. She graduated from Sapienza with a degree in Tourism Economics, and is currently pursuing a Master in Tourism, Marketing & Sustainability from LUISS Guido Carli. A lover of her own land, art, and traditions, she is passionate about the history of Italy’s medieval towns and museums. Cristina guarantees the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Sabina D.O.P.!

Libellula | Dragonfly

The idea to adopt an olive tree arose as we strolled around the olive groves surrounded by frolicking dragonflies. Due to their delicate nature, dragonflies only exist where the air is pure and where the land is free of pesticides. Therefore, Libellula is a symbol for purity and prosperity.